Her Suggestions Are Spot On


I have submitted manuscripts to a dozen professional and amateur beta readers. Deb’s review stands out for the attention to story detail, and the impact of story and scene beats. Almost every page of my 100,000 word manuscript had multiple notes from Deb, far more than any other beta reader I’ve used. It allows me to better understand how each story element affects the reader’s understanding and emotional reactions as the story unfolds.  Her suggestions for improvements were spot on. I’d recommend her services to a writer who wants to feel a reader’s engagement and reaction at each story beat, to see their work through the eyes of their audience.


K.C. Brown


Skillful Communicator

It’s clear to me that Deb Rhodes reads with both her head and her heart engaged. I sought her services as a beta reader of my literary adventure novel of 100,000 words and couldn’t be more pleased with her work. She is a professional. She returned my manuscript within the time she had forecasted, made numerous useful observations in her Word comments, and included a separate, detailed six-page (single-spaced) report. In addition, she responded immediately to my several follow-up questions. The experience was extremely helpful and thoroughly pleasant.

What I found particularly beneficial was her ability to read on the level of a seasoned pro who still immerses emotionally into what she is reading and has the ability to convey her experience to the author. In going through both her Word comments and her overview report, I was able to follow how she reacted to each character and to the principal scenes of the story. (Could a novelist hope for more?)

Deb is a skillful communicator. Not only was she able to expound on details of the plot, characters, and prose highlights that especially appealed to her, she articulated her less-positive reactions with a gentleness that prompted me to react with a feeling of gratitude and an enthusiasm to “fix” things.

I am so pleased to have had Deb as a beta reader. I will definitely seek her out when my next novel is completed.

David O’Connor


Deserves Her Own Category

There are beta readers and there are beta readers. And then there is Deb. She deserves her own category. I cannot praise her sufficiently. She is all those things that describe an excellent beta reader, honest, committed, intelligent, detailed, and so forth. Plus she has a special touch. When I read her comments, I experience my own story read through her eyes. She lets me know how the story is unfolding inside her. It is a fantastic – and helpful – process. Deb too understands writers. She understands how to be gentle where others might be harsh. My work, my vulnerability, is safe with her. I have no qualms about showing her my work, flawed, messy, in its initial stages. She is the very first one I ask to read my work for constructive feedback. Five stars to Deb Rhodes. *****

 A. Nilsson

Valuable & Thoughtful Comments

I’m so glad to have chosen Deb as a beta-reader for my novel-in-progress. She was timely with her feedback, and her valuable and thoughtful comments are just the ticket for me to find the motivation to finish. I would definitely use her services again!

Ellen Cassidy

Exceptionally Perceptive

With Deb you get a wonderful, free-flowing commentary on your work, almost as though she’s standing next to you describing how she’s responding to, for example, a particular character’s thoughts, or the plot development, or the specific action taking place in the scene. Her intelligent – and often humorous – thoughts, comments, and advice re-enforce those areas you’ve written well, allowing you to see clearly what’s working – and that is so damned important to know! But she also steers you to areas/aspects you may wish to consider strengthening. Do you need more emotion shown from the character? Is the character’s reaction believable? 
Deb’s feedback is spontaneous and full of energy, and is exceptionally perceptive. She reads your work. Really reads it. And understands it. She tries to anticipate what’s coming and makes a note of it. Brilliant. That allows me to see whether I’ve pitched my foreshadowing appropriately, or whether I’m leading her down the wrong path unintentionally. And she reacts to the characters she meets. No, I didn’t want you to hate that man as soon as you met him. Hmmm. Maybe that needs a revision.
Deb has read the first two books of my trilogy, and will read the final book once it’s readable. I would thoroughly recommend you ask Deb to take a read of your book. You won’t be disappointed.
Roger Heath

A Natural

Deb is a natural at beta reading. Her critique of my manuscript was sensitive, insightful, and beyond helpful. Her knowledge of writing craft is expansive. She is also very thorough and generous with her comments. It is obvious to me she really cares about what she is doing and is dedicated to helping writers reach another level with their manuscripts. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an intelligent, professional reading of their work.
 Ameena Mayer


Extremely Pleased

I am extremely pleased with Deb’s beta reading services. The feedback I received on my manuscript was thorough, professional, and prompt. Her detailed report offered overall observations as well as precise comments that helped me zero in on the areas that weren’t serving the story. She was also generous with comments on what worked well in the story, which was especially invaluable as I am writing in a new-to-me genre. I highly recommend Deb and will definitely use her again on future projects.

Kathy Holzapfel (writing as: N. K. Holt)


Professional & Constructive

Deb’s evaluation of my manuscript was empathetic and insightful. Her input was professional and constructive and it has consistently pushed me to think more deeply about the characters portrayed in my story. I have worked with Deb on two projects, and I look  forward to reaching out to her again. I am delighted to recommend Deb to anyone looking for beta reader.

Susan Morris


The Best Type of Beta Reader

After finishing an experimental manuscript, I had serious doubts to if it was ready for the public eye, and sought Deb’s beta reading services for a thorough analysis in a limited time frame. I was impressed by how she presented herself on her website, and was given the impression of someone who loves literature at its deepest level. When you hire Deb, you are not only paying for someone to read your book, you are receiving undivided attention from a professional, as well as a representative of the country’s largest reading demographic.

In addition to answering my concerns, Deb’s raw reactions brought me closer to publication by focusing where I needed to correct, and more importantly, what worked. It is very easy for a writer to not trust in their own ability and become stuck in a revision cycle. To sum up Deb Rhodes, she is honest to you and herself, and that is the best type of beta reader one can hope for.

Cameron Almeida


Perceptive and Insightful

Even when dealing with an unusual manuscript, Deb’s evaluation was especially perceptive and insightful. Her input was professional, positive, and constructive. I would be more than happy to use her services again and sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for a beta reader.

Deb was terrific. She got it back to me well within the time period she had estimated for the work, with an incredibly thorough, insightful, and encouraging report and detailed margin notes throughout the text. She pointed out its strengths as well as its weaknesses, and we had a wonderful exchange of ideas about how to improve the story.

Jake Marsden


A Leap of Faith

I would absolutely go to Deb again for beta reading should there be another novel in my future. Her work is outstanding.

I felt like I was taking a leap of faith when I sent my novel off to Deb for a beta read. It was the first thing I’d ever written, and even though friends and family had made positive comments about it, I was a bit nervous about sending it off to an unbiased professional.



Thorough Indeed

Deb Rhodes made a point of saying that she wanted to be thorough in the review of my manuscript. I took her statement at face value. When my material came back, I made a mental note to redefine the term thorough. She included page notes throughout the 280 pgs of the ms, added 10 pages of critical observations about the good, the bad and the ugly, PLUS she provided written responses to the 10 questions I had posed. Thorough indeed. Many thanks, Deb.

Tim Campbell, PhD
Consultant, Urban Studies and Planning

Global Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center

author: Beyond Smart Cities


No Casual Reader

Deb is the first beta reader I’ve worked with, and I was nervous about giving my first novel to a stranger. I had no reason to be. She’s excellent at handling the very delicate nerves of insecure writers with kind and constructive criticism that’s remarkably thorough and well-informed. As soon as I began to read her insights into my novel, it was immediately apparent that Deb is no casual reader but a true expert. I will trust her with every story and novel I’ll write in the future.


A Quick Turnaround

I had a great experience working with Deb Rhodes. I usually turn to family and friends for an opinion of my work but suspect their reviews are biased by their feelings for me. I needed an outsider’s opinion, but it’s hard for a writer to just turn over her manuscript and money to someone she’s never worked with. After some research on Goodreads.com I came across Deb, took a calculated risk, and was very pleased with the results.


Deb was professional and easy to work with, friendly but honest with her critique. She gave me both the strengths and the weaknesses of my manuscript, and came through on everything she promises on her website. Best of all, she performed a quick turn around on my book and responded to my emails and questions in a timely fashion. I’m lucky and happy to have found her and will continue to return to her for future beta reads.

Michelle B.


Absolutely thrilled

Absolutely thrilled with Deb’s beta report of my fantasy novel. She picked up on plot and character details that so many other readers overlooked. Deb doesn’t have an autopilot mode; of the readers I’ve shared my work with her attention to detail, precision and thoughtfulness has simply gone unmatched. And now, motivated by her fantastic work and inspiring comments, I’m ready to get writing again. In truth, I can’t wait to write my next novel, most of all just so I have a chance to work with Deb again. Many thanks!

Peter Gerard


Insightful & objective

I highly recommend Deb as a beta reader for your next novel. She is insightful, objective, prompt and not afraid to tell you if she thinks something doesn’t work. Her greatest strength lies in helping you look at your work from the reader’s perspective, which is exactly what a good beta reader should do. I will definitely use her services again.

Kelly Schendel


Very Personable

I found a great beta reader in Deb Rhodes. She will look at your manuscript as a reader not just as a beta. She is honest and straightforward. She was very thorough, accurate and very detailed and prompt in getting back to me with a very detailed, honest and thorough report on my novel. She was very personable. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Her suggestions were very helpful and useful to me. I’ll be using her again.

Angel Chadwick


Insightful Comments, Fast Service

Folklorist Frank Dobie said that he liked to leave a story in better shape than it was in when he found it. I sent my 90K suspense thriller to Deb and within a week, she returned a complete report plus numerous, specific margin comments. Everything she said was on the mark, and she left my story in better shape than when I sent it to her. Her service was well worth the money and I will use her for my next novel.

Russell Ashworth, author of Souls of Men


Honest & Insightful


Deb has a keen grasp of story and character. Her comments helped me come to terms with what my characters were going through.

She shared what she was thinking and feeling and why, and that’s what I really needed.
Her reactions to my work were inspiring and memorable. I recommend her services because she is honest and insightful.

Martin Felando


A Whole New Level

Deb’s Beta Reading service is an invaluable and thorough resource. She has the innate talent of grasping your story’s depth and bringing to light all of its strengths and weaknesses in such a professional and positive way while still giving you the honest truth needed to make your novel outstanding. She takes Beta reading to a whole new level and I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is serious about their craft and getting published. I valued her in-depth critique so much that I hired her to edit my novel as well. She’s amazing!

KT Griffin, author of The Unraveling of Kirin Lane


I Recommend Her Highly

Ms. Rhodes did a beta-read of my 72,000 word novel in under a week (May 2015). Her report was incisive, detailed and spot on. She told me what was good and not so good. As soon as I finished her report I began making changes.

In summary, her beta read was well worth the fee and I recommend her highly.

Lawrence Martin, MD


A Friendly Beta Reader

The quality of work surpassed my expectations, and turnaround was less than a week. I wanted someone to spot the weaknesses in my story, and give me honest feedback and that’s exactly what I got. I will be using these services again when I complete my second volume.

I’m so thrilled to have found a professional quality, friendly beta reader!

Shari Monroe


A Prompt and Astute Beta Reader

Deb was a prompt and astute beta-reader. She gave excellent suggestions and was able to keenly pinpoint areas in my novel that needed reworking. Her comments were helpful, on point, and kind. I would absolutely recommend her and hope to use her on future projects.

Beka Olson


Beta Reader for Life

Deb is by far the best BETA reader I have had. She is efficient, punctual and really delves deep into the story, even if it’s not her genre. She is thorough with her report and gives constructive criticism when needed. A writer is always nervous about showing their work to anyone. Our writing is a part of our soul, our heart, and to show it to family members let alone strangers is a daunting prospect. Alas, family members, while trustworthy, are often biased with their opinions, and friends are mostly the same. So, we turn to BETA readers. It’s a leap of faith – we can only hope that the BETA reader is good and trustworthy, and sometimes we’re even a little disappointed at the service we receive.

But not with Deb. I have had many BETA readers, but Deb gave me something more than I expected. Not only did she give me a true, unbiased opinion (which we look for in BETA readers), but she immersed herself into the world I had created and the characters. It’s rare for someone to get so involved with the characters, especially if they may dislike the story, but Deb did.

She is effective with her advice and punctual with her timing. It took her less than 2 weeks to get back to me with my story. I was very impressed with this. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll tell you, but she’ll tell you why and be polite while doing it. She will also point out all of the good parts, too, the stuff that makes you smile. She carefully reviews your work and comments throughout, but also provides a BETA report sheet which is essential.

I certainly want Deb as a BETA reader for life. BRL, or something like that. She is phenomenal at what she does.


Super Beta Reader

Deb is a super Beta reader, incredibly fast and thorough. She was very professional and gave great feedback. She didn’t miss a thing–from plot, character, pace and flow her feedback was very constructive and helpful. I would definitely use her services again.

Anne Hamilton

A Perfect Beta Reader

Deb has given a fresh and unique perspective in her beta reports and made me see my manuscript through the eyes of an unbiased reader. An absolutely perfect beta reader. I would highly recommend her.

A.G. Macdonald

Very Approachable

Deb is now going to be my go to girl for Beta Reading. She is very approachable, gives very thorough feedback, including suggestions on improving the story. I really can’t rate her high enough. Deb beta read my short mystery, Carly, and her take on it was exceptional.

DM Wolfenden

Spot On

Deb was incredibly fast and thorough. Her insight into my story was incredible and her feedback was spot on. I am so glad I contacted her.

Laurie Nerat

Very Constructive

The first hurdle you must overcome is the crazy idea that beta reading should be free. This is a real job and if you want it done properly, you need to find someone who does it regularly and understands the type of feedback that you need at this stage in drafting. I would highly recommend Deb’s services. She is everything you want—professional, fast, thorough. I found her comments to be insightful, encouraging and (perhaps MOST importantly for my fragile newbie ego) very constructive. I will most certainly use her services again.

Cindy Mitchell

An Invaluable Review

Deb’s review was extremely helpful, and she finished it well ahead of when she had committed to getting it to me. I knew I needed to work on certain areas, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what those areas were. Deb’s feedback helped me hone in on exactly the right issues, so I could focus my thoughts. As a new writer, this review was invaluable! Thank you!!


Dianne Moat

Ms. Magic

I think I’ll just call you Ms. Magic.


After reading your review of my story and checking your comments, I decided to do some minor adjustments to my manuscript. The result was I eliminated the first four chapters and scattered the information throughout the story. I made the changes you suggested and as a result, my manuscript is 4,700 words, 8 Chapters and 26 pages shorter. After making these changes, I reread the story. I found it was a much easier read. More concise and easier to follow the story line. What struck me most, was after these changes, the story hadn’t changed at all. All the plot lines, characters and story points were still there.

I hope you have a slot available. My next book will be on its way to you in two weeks.

Nick J Mercorella

Incredibly Insightful

Deb’s beta read has been incredibly helpful and insightful. I know what direction I should be going in now as I work towards my next rewrite. Will I be using Deb’s services again? You bet!

Alison Ripley


A Prompt and Astute Beta Reader


Deb was a prompt and astute beta-reader. She gave excellent suggestions and was able to keenly pinpoint areas in my novel that needed reworking. Her comments were helpful, on point, and kind. I would absolutely recommend her and hope to use her on future projects.

Beka Olson


Highly Detailed


I would highly recommend Deb Rhodes as a beta reader for your next manuscript. Deb gave me highly detailed and constructive criticism in a timely manner, and her review inspired many other beta readers to read my manuscript. Deb’s report has given me the confidence to send my novel off to agents and publishers, and I will definitely use her again for my next book.

Jeremy Mathiesen