My Services


Let me bring a fresh pair of eyes to your novel before sending it out into the publishing world. I will approach your work as a reader, and give a full report on what worked for me and what didn’t, as well as that all-important why. You need to know if there are any parts of your story a reader will most likely skip because of boredom. I will assess your dialogue and character credibility, plot weaknesses and strengths, pacing and story arc and will do so in a professional, considerate manner. In addition to pointing our your story’s weaknesses I will tell you your strengths as a writer.

I use track changes in Word to provide specific comments as I read your story.

Please feel free to send a copy of your first chapter to see if we would be a good fit.

My rates:

Word count up to:

  • 30K $ 50.00

  • 60K $100.00

  • 100K $125.00


There will be an additional charge of $12.50 for every 10K words over 100K.

Tell me a little about your project and what kind of time frame you’re looking at. Though I prefer three weeks for a beta read I can work with you if you are needing it done sooner.


You can make your PayPal payment here.

I prefer to work with Word documents and if you double-space your work it will be much easier on my eyes.

Please Note:

I am not accepting erotica or novels in the paranormal genre. Thank you for respecting my preferences.