Nick Mercorella


This month featuring Nick Mercorella, author of The Mostest Man

Your novel, “The Mostest Man” contains strong female characters who prefer to stand on their own two feet rather than depend on a man, though they are not by any means man-haters. Did you have a strong female influence during your growing up years, or later in life, that you drew on as you created these intriguing women?

Very perceptive. Not only are my female characters not man-haters, they in fact love men and the attention they receive from men. But, they are self-assured women who demand respect for who they are, and not what they look like. There are two women who have influenced my opinion, and whose traits have carried into my female characters. The first is my daughter, Kathleen. She is the woman I based Janice Alvarez on. There is more background about her in The Lt. Commander, the fourth book in the Danielle and Friends Series. The other is my second wife, Joan. Annie (everyone called her Annie and I never found out why) was the biggest flirt I’ve ever met. She loved attention, but she knew where to draw the line. From the day we met, there was never any doubt that she wasn’t available to anyone but me. She was a strong, self-sufficient, self-assured women. I was lucky that she fell in love with me, and I’m certain that she was glad I fell in love with her.

Where do you get your inspiration from when your writing gets in a rut and you need to get unstuck?

I live in a three bedroom house in South Florida. I write in my bedroom, which is as much a computer center as it is a bedroom. My only companion is a double sized cup of coffee. When the well of words runs dry, I move out to the screened porch at the back of the house. I stretch out on the lounge and daydream. Before long, I’m anxious to get back to my bedroom and continue the story, or jot down thoughts for another story. It’s always been easy coming up with the plots. Transferring that plot to a readable story is more difficult. That’s why I use an experienced Beta Reader.

What types of books do you read for enjoyment?

Almost anything. Romance, mysteries, thrillers, non-fiction, even erotica. Although what they consider erotica these days is little more than exploitative trash. I love Bill O’Rielly’s series on the deaths of Lincoln, Kennedy and Jesus. Looking forward to reading the one about Regan. Couldn’t put down Dan Brown’s The Di Vinci Code and Angels & Demons.

Would you ever consider writing in another genre, or are you a hopeless romantic at heart?

Funny you should ask! Although I am totally a hopeless romantic, there is one story I’ve been contemplating. In The Mostest Man, we know that Nick Amonti was given thirty million dollars for something he did for the government. It’s never been disclosed why the government awarded him that windfall. Eight Months in Hell is that story. It’s a terror thriller and I’d better get it started. That’s the book my daughter is anxiously waiting to read.

Can you share a little of what led you to pursue a writing career?

Truthfully, boredom. Being retired is not what I expected it to be. I started writing a novel in 1975. I worked on an IBM Selectric and when I wanted to change something, it meant retyping pages of work. I gave up in frustration. I’ve always been a daydreamer, and I’ve always had stories swirling around in my head. Two years ago, with the time I had available because of retirement, and the ease of using a word processing program, I decided to give it another try. The Danielle and Friends Series is the result.

Is there one author you just couldn’t do without?

That one’s easy. Tom Clancy. I am totally in love with the Jack Ryan character. I also enjoy his non-fiction work. Ryan is a simple family man with a wife and kids who manages to get himself involved in all kinds of dangerous situations. He does work for the CIA, but he’s not an agent. He’s an analyst, a desk jockey. I really enjoy seeing how these situations seems to track him down and complicate his life. But, alas, Clancy is gone and I fear so is Jack.

About the author

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I have had a very interesting if not profitable life. Married twice, divorced once, widowed once. Two wonderful children of my own, and five more I inherited when I married for the second time. I worked in management most of my life when I wasn’t operating my own business. Had the opportunity to travel a great deal throughout our beautiful country, parts of Canada and Mexico, and some of the islands of the Caribbean. I’ve visited 40 states and uncountable cities. Never been to Europe, Asia or Africa. Don’t feel like I’ve missed much. Might like to visit Australia, though. Coldest I’ve ever been was in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February. Hottest I’ve ever been was in Phoenix, Arizona in July. I’ve been in Salt Lake City in June, when the sun didn’t set until after nine o’clock at night. I’ve seen the Sierra Mountains from the observation car of a train. Sailed aboard a United Sates Nuclear powered aircraft carrier, twice. Never been in the military, but I respect all those who serve. Flown hundreds and hundreds of thousands of miles. Love to fly, but poor eyesight prevents me from qualifying for a pilot’s license.

Now, I sit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida thinking about love and writing Romance Novels. Not a bad way to spend your retirement years!

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