Melissa Simonson


This month’s interview is with Melissa Simonson, author of Burning September.

Which of your characters in Burning September was hardest to write?

I don’t know whether any of them were particularly hard to write, but Professor Lawlis gave me some trouble because I know next to nothing about music and he forced me to look little things like chords up so I didn’t completely embarrass myself in setting him up as a music professor.

How much thought do you give to a story’s theme? Is it something that develops naturally as you write your story, or do you know your theme in advance?

That’s not something I give too much thought to when I set out to write a new novel, which kind of works and kind of doesn’t—it makes it difficult to figure out which category the book will fall under. I suppose subconsciously I might begin knowing a theme, because half the time I’ll read a review where someone has mentioned my underlying theme, and I have honestly no idea that I’ve even given the book in question a theme.

Were there any early life influences from which your desire to be a writer evolved?

I’ve always been a reader, which may have had something to do with it. I dimly remember winning some short story award when I was in the second grade about a vampiric bunny, so I guess the seed had been planted early on.

Do you outline before your writing begins?

No, but I will keep a few notes near the end of the Word doc to remind myself of little tidbits or thoughts I had earlier.

Is there one novel you wish you’d written?

East of Eden is my favorite book, so I might have to go with that. I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was a child, so maybe those books, too.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

Occasionally, but I’ve found it’s something I can push through by simply forcing myself to write a sentence, however stupid it may sound, and then I’m cured.


Melissa watches more Dr. Phil than is optimal and lives in Massachusetts with her husband, son, and herd of animals.

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