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Every writer eventually needs a Beta Reader. When your manuscript is as good as you can make it, you need to take the next step of bringing to all that hard work a fresh pair of eyes.  After months or years of working on your manuscript, it’s easy to lose objectivity.

I’ve over 50 years of reading experience behind me, and it’s as a reader that I’ll approach your work.  Your story must stimulate my imagination, entice me into an unforgettable journey, and be readable clear to the end.  I want to help you in anyway I can to make the transition from dreaming to publishing.  When you succeed, so do I!  The ability to guide you into the right path for your novel is one I find highly satisfying.

As your Beta Reader I will do the following:



  • Pay attention to story inconsistencies
  • 5352e8ada5c9dd37c2f0b6a1d9a6d21cDedicate a reasonable amount of time for your beta read
  • Assess character and plot development
  • Check the authenticity of your dialogue
  • Approach your manuscript as an unbiased reader (rather than an editor)
  • Offer helpful and honest criticism, which includes ideas on improving your story
  • Be available to answer questions regarding the beta read


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*Note:  Spelling, grammar and punctuation corrections are not part of the beta read process.